Furniture, Fitting & Equipment

From moving a single item to relocating hundreds of staff and their desks, we make sure your move entails no unplanned downtime – even if it takes all night!

A dedicated Move Manager will lead your project. One person in control of the project provides you with the consistency and the confidence you require to ensure a seamless transition. You can call on a wide range of skills and experience at the early planning stage, including developing a move strategy, space planning, and project management. Our office moving services include:

  •  Office, library, commercial and industrial relocations
  •  Preparation, packing and transportation
  • Delivery, unpacking and removal of debris
  • Specialized packing, transportation and installation of electronic equipment
  • Industrial crating and heavy equipment handling
  • Customized crating for artwork
  • Commercial warehousing, secure storage and distribution
  • Transit protection for office equipment
  •  Pre-move assistance

Our team of dedicated IT support consultants can ensure the safe decommissioning, packaging, transport, and secure relocation of your PCs, laptops, servers, and IT hardware to your new office location, while providing minimal disruption and a desk ready space for first thing Monday morning!

Take the stress out of moving!